The Persistence of Decay

Running Time: 2h20'16" (rightclick image and save as)

There is something about the physical manifestation of information on analogue magnetic tape that continually intrigues me, more so with the continual movement into the digital age. This piece is an audio investigation into this physical format.

I recorded around 40 minutes of recently built textural soundwork, created using modular synthesis onto a standard C90 cassette, I then dubbed this master recording onto a further two cassettes which were to be treated.

One was immersed in hot soapy water for approximately 45 minutes, the other, I put into cold water and then placed in the freezer for several hours. The tapes were then dismantled, dried in the sun, put back together and then recaptured. Although the treatment had produced a notable effect on the audio, I felt that the source material was still too prominent. In order to magnify the results of process, I slowed the playback of the layered recordings down to around a quarter of the speed allowing every pop and click, each modulating texture, the space and time to unfold under its own weight.