MA, BA (hons, First Class)

A Manifesto for Drifting

I believe in the prophets Deleuze, Ballard, Cage, Lyotard, Sinclair and Coil. That time is a line that extends in both directions from the here and that magick penetrates everything, cause and effect blurring into feedback loops and spirals.I believe in the rhizome and the self organising system and the reign of chaos, in the plateaus and refrains, in spaces between things and the ideas of things.

I believe in the divine beauty in the hum of fridges at 3 in the morning and the city's secrets whispered to us by distant traffic and the 50hz of streetlights and substations.I believe in decentering, and letting go of the here and now. In walking without purpose and discovering new landscapes both inside and out.

I believe in the impossible insight of the viewer, in their ability to form their own connections, disruptions and resonance with work. In the profound uselessness of art and the shamanic role of the artist to heal themselves and their society through negotiations in time, space and spirit.I believe in embracing 'otherness', in an agnostic approach to problems and solutions, that we gave our gods and demons names, faces and histories in order to project ourselves into (or away from) them.

I believe in the artist as a conduit, as a voice of unreason in a staid world, as a machine for making rather than reproducing. In the universe in a constant state of collapse and renewal, breaking off and starting up again, in the poetics of flux.