MA, BA (hons, First Class)



Conceived and performed as part of ((echo)) at DCA, Dundee, 27/09/12


A response piece on Rendezvous by Nikolaj Skyum Bendix Larsen.

“In Rendezvous, Nikolaj follows the rarely-explored lives of a group of migrant Indian workers in Dubai and sets this footage against images of their families, who still live at home in Kerala.”

Frequency=Distance/Time is a sculptural audio performance on the spatial and emotional distances of measured space.


Using Google Maps, the distance between the airports of Dubai and Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital of Kerala was measured at 2952km. The physical distance between the suspended screens in DCA Gallery 2 is approximately 10m.

Using this information as a starting point and extrapolating outwards, a set of complimentary frequencies were selected and used for pitch, amplitude and directional modulations.

The closest musical note to 2952 is F#, this was taken as a harmonic base while time divisions used for various modulations in frequency, amplitude and spatial movement are based around multiples or divisions of 10 cycles per second. The values derived from the distances may be considered interchangeable.

The resulting audio sculpture will be temporarily installed to fill the space between the screens in Gallery 2 of DCA and, using the spatial information as a foundation, create an emotional space for the listener to inhabit in which they may consider the distances and feelings of the families in Larsen’s piece and take the time to think about the spaces and distances between themselves, their loved ones and the places they hold dear.

Technical Notes:

The performance lasts 23’15”, the duration of one full cycle of Rendezvous.

A stereo amp/speakers or PA system suitable for the venue will be required with sufficient cabling to span the physical distance between the screens. An additional plug/socket will be needed to power equipment.

Ideally the piece would make use of 4 channel audio but due to current technical and time limitations, it will use a stereo mix with the left speaker located near one screen and the right speaker at the other allowing the sensation of space and movement to reveal themselves to the listener.