MA, BA (hons, First Class)



Groundshift (live @ Colony 15/03/13) from Erstlaub on Vimeo.


Groundshift conceptually investigates a paradigm shift in my personal internal landscape. Following a major change in life, I have become aware of previous emotional and psychological motivations giving way to new energies and inspiration, old modes shifting and reshaping to inhabit new horizons.

This piece acts as a record of investigation into the conflict, uncertainty, tonal, textural and emotional interplay that took place throughout this change.


The audio work has been composed in modular synthesis and moves gradually through distinct ‘movements’, each with a discrete tone, energy and feel. Over time, these elements shift into each other and a sense of evolution and movement from dischord to a more melodic and harmonically balanced state unfolds.

As a visualisation of this shifting state, the accompanying video work consists of treated footage of water, both as a slowly rippling body of liquid, and falling as (and also layered against itself in reverse as rising) snow. This combination of different states of an already mutable element is used to illustrate the hermetic principle of ‘As above, so below’ that permeates through a number of esoteric and magical systems suggesting the mirroring and self-similarity in different states, scales and positions and that by understanding one, we will come to understand the other.

The piece exists at a duration of 45 minutes and allows the viewer/listener to mediate on the sculptural and textural changes that take place through time. The piece exists in a duplex state and may be experienced either with or without the visual component depending on the viewers
preference, location and available equipment.

Groundshift was performed and recorded live at Colony, London on 15/03/13.