MA, BA (hons, First Class)

Inside Stone

Inside Stone 06


A shard of quartz, wedged into a Cairn, 109m above sea level in Cairisiadar, Lewis, A psychic resonator tuned to a universal frequency. From the same point in time and space, millions of years ago, an explosion happening in slow motion. Geological time runs across frames per millennia.

An exploration and excavation of the spaces between; between the physical and the ephemeral, of time now, past and yet to come and real and imagined landscapes, between symbol and meaning.

The installation as a spell, built as ritual practice, combining occult geometry, numerology, focussed will and the realisation and rationalisation of shamanic vision - obscurely seen in the half light between wakefulness and dreaming, psychic fugues, secrets of the universe, whispered softly in the darkness untangling.

The magickal construct invokes and insinuates imagined space in which considerations of cosmic scale, the aeon’s breath and geological time may be observed and explored– explosions happening in slow motion over millennia, the sound of glaciers singing and time’s subtle hand on landscape. A constant and cyclical flow of energy, in perpetual flux.

Inside Stone 06


Inside Stone 11

Inside Stone 01

An installation based graphical score and resultant sculptural audio work. Constructed in laser cut acrylic, suspended around 4 walls of a 16 metre square space. A seating area, derived from occult centres, is in the middle and a light source revolves to highlight the corresponding parts of the score. The audio moves around the space as the piece unfolds via 4 speakers (two stereo pairs) in a quadraphonic mix.

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