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A mandala is a map, a model of the world, a model of the mind, and a powerful visual device to invoke specific consciousness states. Like sigils and symbols, mandalas touch the deeper layers of the mind.
Mandala building is a method that can be found in many traditions. A mandala can be seen as a ‘sacred alignment’, a description of the inner and outer universe (made perfect), a prayer in visual form.

When we lay out a Magick circle or decorate the altar, we are creating such a map of the inner and outer universe. In a ritual circle, each item represents an aspect of ourselves. The tools of our working are not simply tossed into a heap near the altar, they are laid out with care and consideration, so that the altar decoration itself is a map for the self- aspects which will join in the working. (Jan Fries)

‘Mandala’ is a work comprising of audio, a graphical score and sculptural elements.

In various spiritual traditions, mandalas are used to focus attention, to establish a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation and trance induction. A mandala represents the the outer world (the macrocosm) and man’s inner world (the microcosm) and was thought of by Jung as a representation of the unconscious self and a tool towards ‘wholeness’. The graphical element of this work is presented as both a practical device (a score) and, through repetition and rotation as a mandala. The audio which exists alongside has been composed as a form of aural meditiatve space and exposition of the universe.

‘Mandala’ exists as a result of the collision of a number of discrete elements which deal with considerations both practical and conceptual in their nature. It may be seen as a work that has been produced as a result of the stochastic approach to practice that was outlined in PP3 being the natural culmination of a number of colliding concepts, methods and practical considerations that were allowed to percolate and interpenetrate each other.

The original concept was to produce a sculptural work, presenting audio along with a graphical score which was to explore and visualise the relationship between sound, space and time and present this to the viewer in a manner that allowed them to draw their own conclusion of the relationships between the aural and visual elements of the piece.

A full pdf of process and development can be viewed here. (opens in new window)