MA, BA (hons, First Class)


This is the website for David Fyans / Erstlaub - artist, soundmonger, maker of images, video and stills, presser of buttons and rotator of knobs, former art director for broken20, Insurance Underwriter for the National Tropospherics Commission, occasional writer of things and assorted other charges levelled at me which may or may not be accurate. It is in a perpetual state of deconstruction, one day it will get sorted out properly, that day is not today. In the mean time, please feel free to have a look at the following links.








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In addition to being available for commissions, screenings and performances, David Fyans is also a freelance artist/technician/designer with a speciality in creative solutions from building and painting walls, to design and installation of audiovisual equipment, to graphic design/typesetting for print and web, audio/video editing, live sound mixing and beyond. He holds a diverse skillset and experience and will happily discuss how to help realise your projects, big or small. Freelance clients have included V&A, Team Girl Comic, McManus Museum and Art Gallery, Ess Publishing, DCA and Broken20.


Contact dave (at) erstlaub.co.uk with any queries.