Terms and Conditions of Entry
(reviewed January 2024)

(Ardingly Reservoir Disclaimer)

Important points (in short)
REFUNDS -Claims must be received by email minimum of 48hrs prior to the event start for a full refund.
Inside the 48hrs refund of 75% only or at the Event Organiser's discretion. (please see below)
. . . . . . .
By entering yourself into the chosen event you accept that this event is conducted under the rules and conditions of The British Triathlon Federation and agree to acquaint yourself with, and abide by, those rules and any instructions issued by the organiser. You declare that you are fit to take part in this event, and understand that you take part entirely at your own risk and relieve the organiser of any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage sustained to either your person or property as a result of your participation. Please click on the following link for further details of race rules etc https://www.britishtriathlon.org/competitionrules
All competitors are required to ensure they are physically fit to take part at the level entered.
Where applicable, all competitors must ensure a road worthy bicycle is used. That all parts of the cycle are in good working order e.g. brakes
Lost or damage to property is at the owners own risk during the event.
REFUND POLICY- under normal conditions only.
We are aware that applicants can be injured in training and may need to withdrawal from a race. However, please understand that costs are incurred by the race organiser from the time of your entry being processed. For instance, facilities, services and goods have to be booked and paid for in advance. Therefore, to protect the event, a notice of intended withdrawal will be accepted for refund requests, unless
CANCELLATION OF EVENT applies. (below):
* Up to 48hrs prior to race start a full refund (see below on how to apply)
* Within 48hrs of race start refund of 75% of fee paid.

Application via email only giving name, DOB, address.
A refund granted then the competitor will need to supply BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS for a credit transfer of funds- no cheque/ cash will be sent out.
If there is Bad weather on the day of the event the race organiser reserves the right to change/ substitute/ shorten the course to ensure the event runs safely. No refunds will be possible.
If the event is cancelled by the organiser an alternative date will be put forward and competitors can choose to enter for the new date or have a deferred credit toward a future event.
24hrs before the event - transfer into another 'like' event possible - email the race organiser. Date of request will be date of email received.
• transfer into another 'like' event or value of entry fee paid 'credit' towards another event.
• Application in writing only, please send email to info@hedgehogtri.uk, with details of full name, DOB and race to be transferred to.

Before 48hrs prior to an event a substitution can be made in the event with no charge. Details asking for the change must be emailed via the competitors email account we have on our database. On agreement to the substitution then a code will be sent to the new competitor for a 'free of charge' entry. This must be completed promptly. A BTF Day Licence fee will need to be paid if a non member when entering.
If the substitution is within 3 days race numbers and starting times may have already been assigned and may not be changed.
PHOTOGRAPHY and FILMING (by Hedgehogtri Events or official Contractor.)
You agree that all photography and video filming taken during the event may be used for future advertising and marketing purposes. This may include publishing event pictures on the Hedgehogtri Events website and future marketing promotional material. A photographic contractor will at times be present at an event (this will be noted in the race information), all pictures will be kept on secure website. To access a password will be required, this will be forwarded on to all competitors after the event by email. Digital pictures will be available for sale to competitors at reasonable prices.
How we use your information
Information submitted through this web page or by using a paper/manual entry method is kept securely on computer and used only for the administration of your entry and participation in this event. These details will not be shared with any other or third party except under the following situations:
Registering day licence membership details with the BTF as required for DAY MEMBERSHIP. Such detail is specified by the following statement: 'As a condition of your day licence membership, you agree to the details of your name, address, telephone number and date of birth being forwarded to the BTF for the purpose of registering your day licence membership'. For further information, please visit the link to 'BTF and DAY MEMBERSHIP'.
In administering your entry and based on the information you supply, your name, team/club detail along with an estimated start time will be published for each event entered in the web 'entries so far' page. This page is freely accessible from the organiser's home page.
“All participants agree that his/her personal data can be disclosed to the British Triathlon Federation (“BTF”), in order for the BTF to log their race results for the purpose of providing membership services only and for the compilation of anonymous statistical information.”
As part of the Triathlon England Day Licence scheme competitors taking part in a 'permitted' event are covered for 'third party' insurance. Details can be found on the link . This does not cover personal insurance only a full TE membership covers you for the race and training. All competitors are expected to make their own arrangements for personal insure for the event entered. The race organiser will have 3rd Party liability insurance cover in place in as part of the Triathlon England permitted event.



Based at Ardingly Reservoir, W Sussex.
All competitors entering must be aware & agree to the following.

Please note if entering an event in the 'SWIM THE LAKE Festival' which involves an Open water swim you will need to agree with the following:


1. I understand that this is an formal event organised by the Hedgehogtri Events to provide its competitors with an opportunity to experience all or part of a standard distance event.
This is a limited event, part of the Ardingly 'Swim the Lake' events based at the Reservoir.

The aquathlon event has been registered with Triathlon England and runs under the race rules of the association.
The Open water swim events will follow the rules of British Triathlon but will not be part of the 'permitted' event.

2. I understand that each of the disciplines of triathlon - running & swimming – as well as the transitions and transition areas between disciplines, are inherently dangerous and physically and mentally demanding.

I am aware that the Aquathlon event will involve an open water swim in 'Swim the Lake Festival' 750m course in the Ardingly Reservoir & a 5km run for the Triathlon England Permitted event. The swim only events will require a wetsuit to be worn (unless water temperature is above 23degreesC .

I have been advised to familiarise myself with the course. I have been given access to electronic maps of each of the routes. I understand the risk assessment has been permitted by Triathlon England and completed for the aquathlon. and and the swim only events have been risk assessed inline with British Triathlon guidelines..
I will wear a wet suit(mandatory) and a swim cap for the open water swim.

I understand that I will be participating in the event at my own risk. I accept and assume all of the risks associated with my participating in the racing.

3. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to determine whether I am sufficiently fit and healthy enough to participate in the session.
I am physically and mentally fit enough and sufficiently trained to participate in it.
I have not been advised against participating by a qualified/registered medical practitioner.

4. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to take out and maintain suitable insurance cover against any injury I might sustain, or any damage that might be caused to my or others property, because of my participation in the session.

As the Aquathlon event only is registered with British Triathlon, Race Pass or British Triathlon full membership will be in force for the event. The insurance cover details this affords can be found on the website https://www.britishtriathlon.org/get-involved/membership/insurance-centre/public-liability and the BTF Race Pass, I will behave responsibly throughout the event.
I will accord with the relevant British Triathlon Federation guidelines and event policies always.

5. I, acting in my own right and on behalf of any person or legal entity that might claim or
sue on my behalf, waive, and release from any claim, demand, loss or liability of any kind the
� Hedgehogtri Events
� The Ardingly Activity Centre
� Southeast Water

6. I will park responsibly in the areas provided by the race organiser, failure to do so will have consequences for future races.

I confirm and accept the above by agreeing with the Terms & Conditions of entry at the time of entering the event and paying the entry fee.

(Reviewed 09/01/2024 PH)