We are all busy people these days . . . . . . yes all of us I know, but all events need a team of volunteers to help ensure all runs smoothly on the day. If you can help out at any of our events and give something back to the sport we all love then email Paul on info@hedgehogtri.uk

If you can and would like to help out then please complete the form below so we can contact you.

Volunteer to help marshal at an adult event, or Join the regular Team and get more involved in all aspects of staging an event.
If you can help at events then you will offer £20 towards your expenses(adult events only), refreshment goodie bag and a free race (O/W Swim, Aquathlon or 5km run race)

We also need some more people to join our regular Team at Hedgehogtri. If you can make a three or more of the dates and you don't mind and early start then get in contact email us on info@hedgehogtri.uk

Some of the jobs that need to be completed during a race are listed below with some words of explanation. Please email if you have a question.


Swim assistant - helping the swim starter lining up competitors in numbered order prior to start, watching the swim to ensure competitors go under the lane rope at the correct place and that competitors give way to faster swimmers at the end of the length. In children's event also assist in watching and advising children during transition on poolside.

Pool Exit - Ensuring competitors safe exit from the pool area to transition and if Children or no transition area then making sure shoes are on and tied/secure with tops on and number visible to the front

Swim out/Run Out timing (PDA Points) - PDA is a device used to electronically insert competitor numbers to get an accurate and swift time for each competitor over the whole race and each discipline. If ankle timing chips are in use then these interim stations are not used.
Timing will be with a team member most of the time with an assistant required to call out numbers of competitors as they pass and also keep a paper copy to back up the PDA system. Used for manual timing events only usually the events with smaller numbers taking part.

Non Racing entrance (transition) - Checking that numbers are on the helmets, bikes and competitors before they enter transition. Also checking helmets fit properly on the competitors head.
Also checking that all numbers correlate after the race on exiting transition so that the right bikes and equipment leave with the correct competitors.

Drink Station - Handing out cups of water to competitors as they run past
NB: some cups may come back in you direction so prepare to get wet

Band Station - On the run section only, cycle bands is a health and safety disaster Hand out elastic run bands for runners to take in one of two methods:
1) Hold it in the air hanging loosely for the runners to grab and put on their wrist
2) Stretch out the band and hold it out so the runner can put their hand straight into the outstretched band
NB: No pinging at competitors, that is not a way to speed them up
Adults do not have to take the bands they are there to help with counting, whereas children completing more than one run lap do have to take the bands.

Pedestrian Crossing Points - This is where a course has been put across a road/path and there is a clear area where pedestrians are free to cross. There needs to be an alert manner at this position to keep pedestrians aware of oncoming competitors and at all times be polite and courteous.

Competitor crossing points - These are points such as paths or roads where competitors come in close contact with pedestrians. Cars have the right of way so if vehicles are moving through these points competitors MUST wait till the marshal gives the all clear. Make sure pedestrians and cars are not blocked as impeding them could result in not being able to use the same course structure ion the future.

Finish - Assisting with the team member using the PDA for final finish times.
Handing out drinks and refreshments to finishers.
Handing out medals to finishing competitors.
Recovering the ankle timing 'CHIP'

All Marshals/Volunteers - show support to the competitors, especially the children whom many faces will have a beaming smile with a little encouragement.


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