Abney Park Scrying : An instruction
by R. Law, originally published in the liner notes of [hpll056] The Village Orchestra - Amid The Blaze Of Noon


Be relaxed but stay alert. Turn off thoughts in your mind. It will improve with practice. Try not to think of anything at all. Let whatever is trying to make itself known to you appear without hindrance or judgement.
Now let your eyes lose focus and gaze into the mirror. Look at the depth within as though you were looking at something far away. At first you may not see anything or you may just see a cloudy interior. It doesn't matter, just look. You will find that even at the times that you do not see anything you will come away with a feeling of having rested and are now re-energized

Eventually shapes will begin to form.


Full .pdf publication available to download via google drive here. The album is available digitally as a pay what you like release here.