National Tropospherics Commission

The National Tropospherics Commission (NTC) was founded in Dundee, Scotland in 2011. The body, comprising of thinkers, artists, musicians, theorists and magicians was formed to investigate various ideas relating to the social and psychological impacts of tropospheric manifestation on the human condition.

Download a copy of the manifesto here.


The Commission’s objectives are:

1. The investigation, collation, dissemination, categorisation, broadcast and publication of materials of, or purtaining to tropospheric manifestations.

2. To understand the internal and external influences excerted on the human condition by the tropospheric network.

3. To produce reports and guidlines based on their investigations, works and practices.

4. To spread awareness of the troposhpere (including, but not limited to morphogenics, sub-resonance, post-cultural premonition, super-context, hive-mind activites and other cross-location synchronicities).






Cloudcasts by TroposphericRadio on Mixcloud

At 02.35 (EST) on the morning of 23rd May, 2014, during a routine scan of shortwave bands our field agents are known to use, one of our automated remote listening stations near Exton, PA picked up a transmission on a frequency usually devoid of activity.

While we occasionally observe stray interference across our private frequencies, it is generally easily identifiable as such. In this instance the sustained nature of the transmission suggests something intended rather than the result of atmospherics, a stray carrier or other phenomenon.

Lasting exactly one hour, the transmission, as per standard NTC protocol, was captured and sent for analysis which has, as yet, proved inconclusive. Exactly two weeks later, at the same time, a second broadcast was received on the same channel, lasting the same duration and this bi-weekly occurrence has repeated with different content up to the present. This pattern suggests some conscious attempt at communication.

We have as yet been unable to determine the origin and nature of the broadcasts and have therefore requisitioned airtime on Basic Fm and temporarily declassified these transmissions in order to retransmit the anomalies in the hope that they may be decoded or debunked.

As long as the pattern continues, we will re-propagate each transmission in full until such a time that they reach their intended recipients, are decoded or the channel goes dark again.

Retransmission begins at 13:00 (gmt) on 17th of June 2014, on basic fm, and will repeat at the same time every Tuesday and Friday. New broadcasts will be aired bi-weekly for as long as our listening post continues to receive them. Please feel free to follow @TropComms and @basic_fm on twitter and visit for show info.





Evidence/Ongoing Research

Sur La Jetee
Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies
Abney Park Scrying: An Instruction

Transgressions In Time
Prologue:Love Poem
Requiem For Dead Air (MEDIA REDACTED)
First Quarterly Report (pdf)
Physic or Surgey #1
Physic or Surgery #2
Ballard, Sleeping
Road Journal
Modular Synthesis as Psychic Weaponry
Alexander & Robinson Migrate South For The Summer
Concrete Poetry (Dundee)
As The World Slept
Marconi's Ghosts
Game One: Heads/Tails
On Confessions Of Breath
On Sights Unseen
An Address by The University of Serendiptology
The Invisible Kingdom: The History and Evolution of Psychogeography
Adrift (a drift)
A Map of Non-Space (#1)
The Machine Was Already Singing (publication)
Floating (a drift through industrial edgelands)
Assemblages Vol. 1
Intrinsic Causality Field Generator

The Commission is currently open to new members. To become part of our studies, harness the morphogenic field and send us a message (or email).