As The World Slept
(In which William Lee gets mildly annoyed with the shape of the 21st century)

There exists something in the gap of the 21st century, an oddity. The proliferation of what has terminated as 'culture', distilled into a disgusting onanistic point, a veritable orgy of self servience, the conditioning of everyman into a malleable, 'do as you're told' schmuck, ready to take the fall for the big man at any given juncture, regardless of whether you meant to or not. We are in the throes of becoming generic. Sleeper drones being rewritten, free choice and personality being replaced with illusory depictions. A 2D rendering of 5D space.

It started in as sinister a manner as these things always do, with innocence and convenience. Innocence is one of these things which we treasure little, up until the point that it clearly no longer exists and we are far beyond a point of protest. Let me point out dear reader, where the grand injustice, the enslavement of the human race truly began. I say began, it was always bubbling under, but the point at which it truly ripped across the threshold into a point of imposition to everyday life was here, in Nando's.

Consider if you will, if you still have any semblance of free will to do so, the fascistic structure of the ordering system here. You WILL order chicken, it may come in several different sauces but it WILL be chicken, it MUST be. In addition to this, you will be allowed by your overlords to order any number of sides but you MUST specify any additional sundries you require. We will not cook your food to any requirements other than ours, it will be as we say, and you will enjoy it. It is your duty. Anti-life prevails, choice is lost, as is hope and free will.

Although this may seem like a sideways example, I have means to have viewed the sinister designs that exist within. Consider a computer program, operating within a certain set of parameters, the input data will be variable, but the machine has been trained to understand the strictures in which it exists, the blinkered processing and disregarding the 'does not compute' data pertaining to free will. You are being groomed into a life of subservient data processing, an organic wet-processor carrying out the menial tasks that the computers can't even be bothered to undertake. The human race becoming the machine on which the wheels of the industry of the rich revolves. The machine exists to a specific cause. It does the bidding of the masters who programmed it to do. Exchange order and chicken for the words kill and free-choice, Nandos has trained a breed of eugenically minded assassins, killing for oil, or money or whatever it is that counts as desire or profit for their masters.

This meta-subprogramming, Tesco/WH Smith's bullshit has even started to seep into my subconscious. BLEEP. Gone are the regular nightmares of giant, awful demons stalking me, even in my own dreams, replaced are the perils of my daily life all hidden in freudian prose and confusing metaphor, reduced now, to a hell of chattering, 'unexpected item in the fucking bagging area'. self-service bullshit. Give me my own peccadillos back you fuckers, I have no time for your collective thought. Even our libraries, previously a bastion of shared knowledge, arcane ideas hidden away, waiting to be uncovered, the demure but sexy librarian stamping your book with the date you next get to have an unfulfilled intercourse with her, replaced by training simulators for the lazy, money and time hungry overlords that rule the last days of man. Scan your barcode, clock on, pay to be employed in our ever expanding cuckoo market. BLEEP. We will fuck you up from inside, leave our eggs in your nest, make you work for them, and then royally Fuck You, BLEEP, with the nonchalant knowledge that if you don't play nice for daddy, then there are a million other, pre-programmed drones that will take your place. You work for us now, and you pay us for the privilege, we made you this way, you ate at Nando's, you checked out your own shopping at Tesco, you learned OUR rules and you HAD to play by them. Does the rat in the laboratory know that it is there to push the button to get fed, or if it did, would it chew out the bars of its cage and strive towards chewing out the throats of its captors?

Consider the proliferation, in our days, of internet porn. Anything you can vaguely begin to imagine, exists already in bodily fluid smeared pipes of the web. Any kink, you can experience, in high definition without the actual need to even engage in the situation (or the horrors of finding someone to indulge your awful desires). Your filthy peccadillos become just another thing to 'like' on the megacorp data harvesting personality profiling wastes of Facebook. The more that is learned about the needs of the masses, the easier it is to infiltrate and subvert them, give them something that they think they want. The big man with his server farms filled with smut will placate the masses without you leaving your own home and you told him how to do it.

Self service checkout/internet porn/no need for connection with others/our masters give us everything we think we want (but nothing we actually need). Remember, you still are a human being, and we only exist because of our interaction with others, clinging onto our free-will (or at least the closest idea we have to it), we have the opportunity to become sublime. Go out today and make sure you speak to someone that works in tesco, go out of your way to unexpect some motherfucker of an item in the bagging area, fuck you and the boat you sailed in on Big Man, I have no time for becoming an everyman, I'm too busy trying to exist.