The Intrinsic Causality
Field Generator


Every single point in time, has led up to 'now'. This very instance in your timestream is the result of billions of individual moments of chance, convergence and conscious purpose. Although the present moment may not seem particularly important, any arbitrary given moment will undoubtedly lead to a chain of events that would not have happened in exactly the same way had you not spent the time reading this text. The Intrinsic Causality Field Generator exists to cause a discrete break in the relationship between time and consciousness. You have the option to throw the switch or not, everything that subsequently happens within the rest of your existence will spiral outwards within the morphogenic field from this one point of decision creating further loops of cause and effect.


The Intrinsic Causality Field Generator (ICFG) was built in an enclosure with a switch and two differently coloured LEDs. It was be presented on a plinth with the above text displayed and visitors will then have the option to interact, or not interact with the device. The piece is designed to give anyone that comes into contact with it the space to consider how complex the origins of existence are, to ponder how things may have been very different given all the micro decisions and moments of pure convergence, synchronicity and random occurrence which has led them to the point they currently inhabit.


The Intrinsic Causality Field Generator was activated and exhibited as part of Cupar Arts Festival, Cupar, Fife in October, 2013.