A Map of Non-Space (#1)
by D. Fyans

A map of non-space, realised through a psychocartographic exploration of the cracks in the pavement.


Map 1




‘These are the towns of light, built from remembered brick, conjectured beam, that stand in Hilbert space, a plane of concept and idea where thought is form. Where the recalled smell of fresh paint upon forgotten stairs is an event in place and time.’

(Alan Moore, The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels, 1996)

‘Sur la pavé, la plage’

(anonymous 1968)

I often like to mentally play around within this particular maxim, appropriated by the Situationists after its appearance on the walls of Paris in 1968.

In the spaces between things, inspiration and direction may be found. The mundane and overlooked can be utilised as a vehicle for divination, discovery and perspectival shifts.

By investigating the cracks in the pavement, an unknown and unplanned factor, formed through physical stress, structural or geological inconstenices or weather based erosion, and using this study in a psychocartographic manner, maps of new non-space can be realised, maps of potential and light, inhabited by spectres of our imagination.