The Invisible Kingdom:
The History and Evolution of Psychogeography

By D. Fyans


I have always been intrigued by the influence which space has upon the human condition. My personal artistic practices are deeply rooted in an attempt to reach through space and time, to elucidate and comment on the ╩╗here and now╩╝ while assuming an awareness and paying tribute to context and the personal, historical and political events which have led to a space being more than just a geographical location.

Through this dissertation, I have endeavoured to investigate the origins and evolution of Psychogeography with a view to understanding my own practices, the artists who inspire me and those who have had significant direction and influence on the wider concepts, conventions and practices of Psychogeography as an artistic movement.

I would like to thank Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair and Bill Drummond for their inspiration and my family for their ongoing support.

You can read all 7670 words of it here if you feel so inclined (pdf will open in a new window).