An Address by The University of Serendiptology
by Prof. E. McKay


Firstly the University of Serendiptology would like to thank the National Tropospherics Commission for expressing an interest in our reality. It seems the closer we consider these two (and other) schools the more we uncover connections and links and sychronicities with our mind hands delving in the forms and thoughts of our fellow students and people. At this moment the buzz of art thoughts and visions is filling the air so densely as if with makes one query: does creativity bring the sunshine or do the rays confirm the creativity zone itself? One must ponder these things, just incase we all got it very wrong indeed.

This is all by the by; but by the way, the tangent and the wander are the greatest tools of the Serendiptologist.

The first lesson in Serendiptology; step out of your abode and move through your surroundings; follow the flux as it reveals itself and take time to consider that which resonates inbetween consciousness and the other consciousness; draw connections and synchronicities wherever you can and allow optimism to override the realism. A surreal flux of experience and knowledge will draw you in turn to creativity, in whatever form it becomes.


insects;line drawings
phone boxes:shelter:bothy


There are no more lessons.
(only a very long story)

"One cannot reach Serendip by plotting a course for it, one must set out in good faith and lose one's bearings serendipitously." John Barth, from The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor.

***while browsing the NTC archives I noticed a section on the power and ubiquity of circular forms, which was infact the basis of my research into serendipity, while thinking of the phrase by Pasteur 'in the fields of observation chance favours the prepared mind'. I 'prepared' my mind in order to increase these chance encounters with the circular form (this is an experiment I would advise to all willing serendiptologists) and very soon I could follow an infinite trail around Dundee and beyond. And why were there so many circular forms in the Degree Show this year??? This needs consideration...

SERENDIPTOLOGY: The Study of Serendipity; the process of making and developing unexpected yet intuitive discoveries, extending to all creative efforts.

This methodology has been developed in order to structure yet liberate the process of artistic practice. We are intrigued by the artist as explorer, and this primary investigation into the nature of serendipity has, thus far, evolved into a series of intuitive, kinetic drawing sculptures. These serendipitous navigational devices are tools for exploring the flux of experience. It is not the end product of art that we wish to discuss, but the means to this end: the narrative behind the punctuation: the flux before the Art.

Firstly as people but also as artists, we believe all to be in collaboration with the phenomenon of serendipity and thus within each artist there is a serendiptologist.


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