Still Breathing

Just a little note to let you all know that Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies is done, I need to get the master of in the post to Sietse this week and if all goes according to plan, it’ll hopefully be avaible on Moving Furniture Records from mid May or thereabouts. I’ll keep you posted though.

Other than that school work is all piled up over the next few weeks with the upcoming end of the academic year so I’m not expecting to get much done (other than that). I’m working on an Op-Art project at present and I’m pretty sure that all the research and stuff has broken my eyes. Oh dear!

I am super excited about going to see the legend that is Sleazy as Threshold Houseboys Choir next week at Stereo, Glasgow with TVO and have been glued to the Coil/thbc and amazing Soisong listenings all week, this morning sees me wrestling with my bank account following the new Soisong album being announced despite it being hexagonal and not having anything to play it (as it wont work on the mac due to um, being a hexagon). Hawt though.

DJ Funk is going to be ripping up the Sub Club for Numbers on Friday so I may well just have to make a weekend of it (and apologise profusely to my darling neice whose birthday I will already be missing).

Anyway, keep it dusty, here’s alittle piece of art what I made using ink and charcoal.

untitled (2009)

Oh yeah, I just picked up a MicroKorg also which despite giving the appearance of a fisher-price “my first synthesizer” has guts enough to have really grabbed my interest. At the moment it’s getting jammed with through my pedal setup in an Emeralds/12k/Dopplereffekt kinda style. If i get round to recording any of it I might treat you.