Just finished my last project of the semester. Just need to write up some sketchbooks stuff, present it for assessment next week and it’s game over on 2nd Year TBA.

There’s a bit more exposition over at the Youtube page.

Remember I’m playing in Dundee next week, it’s in Drouthy’s rather than Braes as I earlier thought. Details here.


Ghostly Whispers

Just incase you don’t already have a copy (shame on you!), you can now pick up Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies here from the ever awesome Norman Records along with some other gems from the MFR catalogue. Here’s what Phil had to say about it.

“We got a bunch of CD’s in this week on the Moving Furniture label. I picked one up with my eyes closed and I got Erstlaub. Nice. It’s called Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies and that’s exactly what it is! It sounds like a load of harsh white noise with something trying to break through. All I can think of is that small woman from Poltergeist with the creepy voice now. It’s well intense and a total journey if you stick with it to the end of this 48 minute headfuck as you’ll traverse many spectral planes and feel totally drained afterwards. Just like I do now….”

That’ll do me