Noise On The Wire

So my recent excursion into internal space, The Machine Was Already Singing was reviewed in the December issue of Wire by Sam Davies. Here’s what was said.

You can stream/download/watch it/view the score¬†here. I’ve also done an exploratory essay of the same title investigating my practice which can be seen here although you need to open it using Adobe Acrobat as there are interactive elements that don’t seem to work outwith that software. The physical edition of the book along with the full video of ¬†the piece will be on display at 121212, an exhibition of MFA works in Hub 1, Matthew Building, Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee 12th – 14th December 2012.



See more images here.

Finally, what with November being the time of year both Sleazy and Balance left us and the last spectacular transmission from TG dropping, I guess grindy inustrial type business has been in my mind of late, this fell out of my brain the other day, dedicated to the two men who invoked the Goddess to keep us from single vision and Newton’s sleep.

Ind_1 by Erstlaub