Out Now: Marconi’s Shipwreck

So, after a long and arduous mental battle, Marconi’s Shipwreck finally washes ashore on DVD and digital via Broken20. You can view the piece in compressed form in its entirety below. If you’re interested, this page contains the inspiration and motivation behind the work.

Marconi’s Shipwreck from Erstlaub on Vimeo.

You can pick it up directly from the label via this link. Please note that Bandcamp have a fairly ridiculous set of filesize limitations so while the download appears as 2 separate tracks, a link is included to download your preferred format in its proper form as one continuous track. The DVD edition comes with a limited edition transparent sonogram of the piece and download code.

There have already been a few bits of press around it including features at Darkfloor, No Fear Of Pop and Phuturelabs, the latter of which contains an exclusive 32 minute mix of unreleased, rare or otherwise not readily available material straight from the recent archives titled ‘Restructured Narratives’.



Undrifting Shadows

So, another lengthy gap since the last post and things have been in a strange state of balance between insanely busy and guilt-spawning less surface apparent quiescence. So what’s been happening other than my ability to fall out of the habit of regular bloggery? Let’s see.

Well, I bought a new Macbook seeing as my old one had reached a point of doing a passable impression of sounding like a hovercraft without any programs running and have hit the wonderful wall created by the lovely people at AVID meaning that my main audio interface (mbox mini 2) is currently about as useful as a housebrick under OSX Lion – cheers guys but I doubt I’ll be spending any more money on your awful ProTools software or another locked in, we don’t really give a shit about our customers after they’ve bought stuff from us hardware setup. Back to the drawing board on that, if anyone has a recommend for an affordable alternative to the Mbox (2 ins/outs, XLR/Phantom Power, preamps) it’s be greatly appreciated.

A couple of weeks back I finally dragged myself out for a little drift taking in the Victoria Dock end of Dundee. It’s currently one of those wonderful borderlands surrounded by modernisation and homogenisation with a little pocket of abandonville at it’s core. I’ve not really written it up so it just stands as a visual derive investigating the microlandscapes contained within a larger framework.



You can see the rest of the set here.

I made this little audio visual work at the weekend as a tentative footstep into an idea I’m throwing around about the space between the mundane and the sublime. I have a couple of ideas relating to this series but may or may not decide to action them depending on whether the time is right or not.

Under/Inside from Erstlaub on Vimeo.

As part of the Blue Skies Festival here in Dundee, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending 4 days assisting London based artist Alistair McClymont in the making of rainbows at Olympia, The Tower Building and Mills Observatory. It was long hours but really rewarding and challenging both in physical and artistic ways. I thoroughly recommend seeing his work in person if you get the opportunity, otherwise there’s a nice selection on offer at his website.

Finally in terms of recent pieces, I made this little flash number after getting sucked into a beautiful sunset last weekend and staring into the sun a little too much. *May cause seizure related issues if you’re wired that way, sorry*

You can see the full browser sized version here (flash reqd).

Marconi’s Shipwreck finally makes it’s way out next week, I’ll do a dedicated post about it closer to the time. There’ll be some streams and an mix of exclusive unreleased stuff from the recent archives coming soon.

I should probably just mention incase I forget that the mighty Warren Ellis (writer of amazing things such as Freak Angels, Transmetropolitan, Supergod, The Authority, Planetary, etc. as opposed to the violin playing Nick Cave man) included one of my works in his generally awesome Spektrmodule podcasts. It was really quite a nice little surprise as I am a massive fan of his work and general all round being an amazing guyness. You can hear/download it here and you really ought to go and buy his work because it’s brialliant.

Anyway, thanks for your patience (I’m still looking for £3500 for my MFA fees by the way, feel free to paypal me it if you feel so inclined).