Inside the Circle

Just a little note to point out that my man TVO has posted an entirely free collection of remixes/exclusive dubs here. ‘Outside the Circle Looking In’ clocks in at around 90 minutes and features unheard tracks, hard to get rarities and remixes of the notably absent Izu (we miss you Ronnie), Dextro, LJ Kruzer and some boring drone twunt called Erstlaub. Get on it!

I’ve had the privilege of getting a sneaky preview of his next HPLL release which is going to be ridiculously good, he’s even titled one of the pieces ‘Fyans, Lost” in tribute to a miscommunication on a London Derive a few years ago, immortalized in song, how delightful!

On more the more egocentric front, I’m having the rather lackluster premiere showing of the full version of the ‘Sleepwalking into the Underworld’ DVD at ‘Visualyse‘ at Dundee Student Union, Floor 5 next Wednesday starting from 9pm. The organisers have kinda chibbed me on how it’s getting displayed which will probably ruin the immersive point it tries to make but hell, I’ll be there to get drunk and moan about it anyway so please come say hi.

I’m going to be playing Braes in Dundee in May or June with the nice people from n_ilk but we’ve yet to get our diaries out to firm things up. Details will follow soon.



Mists of Time

Back in a previous life, I worked with Liam Frankland on a long running collaboration called Somniscope. He’s just managed to dig out a version of the site from a deep grave somewhere and put it online.


The first thing you notice is how small screens were back then and how Youtube/Vimeo weren’t really much use for embedding and the like. If you can see it squashed away in the corner there, have a look around. It’s odd to remember those days, a lot happens in 5 years I guess.




Not blogged for a little while but I finally got around to uploading the video of me performing Roses Made of Time which I did back in November to Vimeo.

D.Fyans – Roses Made of Time from Erstlaub on Vimeo.

Not much else to report at present apart from this slightly psychotic flash sketch which is the first attempt to realise chunks of a puzzle that seems to have begun to reveal itself to me. I’ve no idea what this is or why but as more things present themselves, hopefully their purpose will become more apparent.