A Farewell to Song

First post of new work on the new blog. Managed to get this little meditation built this evening after a little bit of a dry spell. Quite noisy, usual procedures. Another piece in the Ghost Frequencies puzzle I think.

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Enjoy, or not.

It dosen’t really concern me.


Lend Me Your Ears

Julien over at Lend Me You Ears did a little profile/interview of me this week and featured some downloads and the like.

“Ethereal/rumbling, soothing/menacing,¬¨‚Ćmysterious/lucid – Erstlaub‘s intense, affecting drones are rich enough (&, yes, long enough) to make room for these kinds of oppositions, though they tend to a dark, windswept beauty. They also draw, as the man explains in a thoughtful, rewarding interview below, from a deeply Scottish well (bagpipes included, though not directly…).

One of the glories of the fine Highpoint Lowlife label, Erstlaub is preparing new albums both for Moving Furniture & HPLL (the latter together with a cast of thousands, including the previously LMYE-featured TVO & Production Unit).

Besides these & other future plans, the discussion takes in musical tradition, first steps & methods, the nature & fit of drone, & his notable commitment to performance. He also touches on collaborations, remixes & other listening (Steve Reich, Basic Channel, Kranky – an LMYE hall of fame).

Sincere thanks to Dave for taking the time & participating so insightfully.”

The rest is here




So, some unaccountable screwup leads me to starting all over again having lost all my posts. Ah well. A chance to look forward rather than back maybe?

I’m in the process of trying to sort stuff out so prepare for broken things for now. If you should be linked on my blogroll or whatever, give me a shout and I’ll deal with it. If you notice any links that I am missing, shout also.

Anyone that gets an rss feed might have to update, I don’t know, bit of a nightmare but it at least got rid of my skanky assed old theme I guess.

Normal moaning will resume shortly.