50 minutes for 50

Sooooo, yesterday, I posted the 50th release on my Bandcamp page in the 2 and a bit years since I started it. It’s another of my sprawling, minimalist epics in which very little happens over quite a long period of time.

Here it is in all its glory

I also put together a short video excerpt just as it’d been a while since I’ve done any shooting/editing and felt like sharpening things up a little. (plus some folks don’t have the interest/patience/attention span for the full 50 minute long experience…

As with most of my works, they’re free to DL and stream if you’re into them but of course, if you’d like to (and can afford to) I’m more than greatful to receive a few bucks (after PP and BC have taken their cuts) and of course you can also become a subscriber which basically means you get all the stuff, the odd bit of personal chat off me and of course the satisfaction that for as little as ¬£20 a year, you’re directly supporting an artist¬†that hopefully does something that means something to you (plus y’know, website hosting and eating and all that isn’t really getting any cheaper).

Thanks as ever for the support, I’ll probably get round to posting again in another 50 releases.


If you’re interested in that sort of thing, the patch notes follow.

Batumi channel 1 clocking Brainseed (to cycle in).

Maths channel 1 sending an inverse AD function to modulate the overall time of Batumi.

Divided Channel 2 of Batumi, Random Output causing Brainseed to record new note CV from a wavefolded Tides when it’s value goes above 1.5v.

Quantized output and trigger from Brainseed to Rings strum and pitch ins.

An A171-2 exponential envelope triggered by another divided channel of Batumi is rippling the decay time of Rings causing certain semirandom notes to ring out longer.

An AD envelope from Maths (triggered by another divided square from Batumi) causes a dynamic movement of Rings brightness.

A pitched down sample of something stringy and washy is playing back from Phonogene (with a it’s transpose input being gently modulated by noise being attenuated through Blinds driven by a sine from Batumi). A gentle sine (batumi) and offset are being mixed through Maths middle section to make the SOS act like a VCA subtly changing the level of it.

A sample/copy from the phonogene was frozen into Clouds and pitched down around a 5th.

Mixed on a behringer mixer with Strymon BlueSky and ElCapistan Pedals on the Aux bus and recorded to a stereo pair in Reaper via Focusrite Saffire Pro