Noise Subduction

Another couple of entries from the last few days in the, not entirely effective, canon of trying to focus energies into something other than mental self-consumption.

First up:

Climbing The Peacock’s Tail (an invocation to Melek Taus) by D.Fyans

An entheogenic audio sculpture built around the concept of liminal spaces and superimposed visual and aural repetition of subconscious patterns within the listener.

Inspired by personal subconscious excavations, chaos theory/self similarity across different scales, the essay “The Cult of The Peacock Angel” by Erik Davis and Crowley’s poem Liber CCXLII:

“Ah, could I tell thee of
These infinite things of Light and Love!
There is the Peacock; in his fan
Innumerable plumes of Pan!
Oh! every plume hath countless eyes;
–Crown of created mysteries!—
Each holds a Peacock like the First.”

And from somewhere entirely unexpected, I suddenly had the inclination to try out a little idea I’d been toying with which then spiraled out into becoming a visualisation for my last release on Broken20, The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep.