Ends and Beginnings

The last few pieces of 2017 hit late, Skull Friday being a tribute to DIL23 (David Law) who passed away in December. I only met him in real life a few times but his enthusiasm, support and humour for things, particularly online, means the space he leaves will be noticed by many.

And then some long, cold drones to see through the longest night.

And turning around, the first of 2018 pushes things further into indeterminacy and planned chance.

As ever, thanks for stopping by, listening, watching and generally supporting. If something hits you, be¬†sure to tell all your pals about it as I’ve got a fairly shallow social media pool to send this stuff out to and who knows, maybe some amazing rich patron or commissioner is desperate to part with their cash in return for a grumpy Scottish man plugging things into other things and moving knobs about.