Atom Town

I’ll be performing a brand new, purpose built set of musical interventions at the the London screening of Gair Dunlop’s Atom Town: life after technology. Here’s the abstract:

“Dounreay Atomic Research Establishment is a sprawling monument to solidity, optimism and analogue engineering. The intangible alchemies and sense of romantic science at its heart are trapped like amber in archive film and in its colossal structures. Over the last two years, unprecedented access to the facility and to the UKAEA Archive at Harwell have allowed Gair Dunlop to explore the dream and the consequences of high science in a remote community.”

Inspired by retro-futurist aesthetics of the post-atomic age, the new audio work has been built as a requiem to forgotten dreams of old technology, the ghosts of  futures passed. A sketch from the writing sessions can be heard below. Expect plenty of bleeps, sweeps, clicks and white noise.

Atom Town (sketch) by Erstlaub

The screening takes place at 7pm on Thursday 23rd June at Arts Catalyst, 50-54 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5PS and will also feature a talk by Ken Hollings (an absolute hero of mine) who has written an essay for the exhibition catalogue. Do come along, it’d be ever so nice to see you there.

I’ll also take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along to my performance of The Breath Between Marks at the closing event of Cabin: Codex last week. I’ll maybe post up some documentation and any video/images that surface soon.