More eyes than ears….

Bit of a general news update I guess and some arts for your eyes. Ghost Frequencies is having a wee delay but should see the light of day in the next month or so.

So anyway, I had an interview a few weeks back at Duncan of Jordanstone Art School in Dundee and I’m stoked to say I got an unconditional acceptance for a place on the Time Based Art degree. Really exciting, and scary, but looking forward to working in such a creative environment and flexing my creative muscles. Roll on September!

I’m all but finished my HND at Perth College save for a few small loose ends. My Graded Unit project once again got an A grade which I’m pleased about although I’d have had to kick my own ass if I got anything less.


I was most pleased this year with the work I did for Fraser Stewart, a BA Popular Music Student, bass player and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire and all round good guy. I’ll let the pack do the talking but it turned into a bit of a labour of love for me, check the rest of the set for more.

Promo Pack Items

Had a little time today to do some creation for the sake of it which was nice.


Finally, the legend like 10-20 whose self titled album is already in my favourites of 2009 (along with other, more respected people’s opinions) has done a sweet mix for the folks over at Fact Magazine and, what’s this? It kicks off with some Scottish drone bloke? Splendid.

Get it here.

I’ll get round to some new material soon for you, I promise. Keep em peeled for Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies on Moving Furniture and my guest slot on TVO’s I can hear the Sirens Singing… with Production Unit, Dooks, and Konx om Pax on HPLL.