Mapsadaisical Review

Scott over at Mapsadasical dropped a glowing review of Ghost Frequencies this week, as follows.

“I‚Äôve featured some solo HPLL grade Erstlaub on here before, and am pleased to find that this new release for Moving Furniture is hewn from the same dark gritty stone as I Am The Line Drawn In The Sand Between The Living And The Dead. The opening is pure Psycho, window wipers beating a lashing rain off the windscreen, while an ominous whine builds in the background. Just as a storm warning is issued, I think I hear some rumbling bass and tolling bells appear from amidst thick clouds of crackling static. Or do I? Erstlaub sought inspiration from the Gantzfeld Procedure whereby ‚Äúwhere the participant is deprived of visual stimulus and bombarded with white/pink noise drawing the mind to form patterns in the chaos often hearing voices from the past or inventing entirely new constructs within their consciousness‚Äù. It reminds me of that other album of ghost frequencies I‚Äôve been listening to of late, William Fowler Collins‚Äôs Perdition Hill Radio. Too soon, with a screech the dial is pulled off the set, leaving the listener trapped amongst pulsating drones and whining feedback, before it fades to an eerie near-silence. Apparently recorded in one take, this is another demonstration of Erstlaub‚Äôs growing, glowering greatness. It is available now from Moving Furniture ‚Äì go there for a full stream too.”

The full article also features The Village Ochestra’s – I can hear the Sirens Singing which is the first of all the coverage to acknowledge the rest of the folks involved which is nice.

Cheers Scott.


A sad day.

I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Dani Baquet-Long of Celer at just 26. Celer made some of the most beautiful music I have come across in years.

“Lord Naoshige once said, “There is nothing felt quite so deeply as giri. There are times when someone like a cousin dies and it is not a matter of shedding tears. But we may hear of someone who lived fifty or a hundred years ago, of whom we know nothing and who has no family ties with us whatsoever, and yet from a sense giri shed tears.”

from the third chapter of the Hagakure

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Sad day indeed, my thoughts go out to everyone affected.


Vital Weekly Review

Frans De Waard over at Vital Weekly had this to say about Ghost Frequencies.


Back in Vital Weekly 601 we first heard the music of Erstlaub, also known as Dave Fyans from Perth, Scotland. On ‘On Becoming An Island’ Fyans composed everything live, without processing or multitracking using a Nord G2 synthesizer. I don’t know if that’s the case here too on ‘Broadcasting On Ghost Frequencies’ but its again a single track, this time lasting almost forty-nine minutes. That’s not the only link to the previous release. This new work sees him continuing on the thematic approach of drone music.

A nightmare like soundscape. The sky tonight is covered with clouds, no moon, no stars. But the clouds drift on the howl of wind. One can barely see a thing – no street lights are on. Apparently Fyans is inspired here by the Ganzfeld Procedure ‘where the participant is deprived of visual stumulus and bombarded with white/pink noise drawing the mind to form patterns in the chaos often hearing voices from the past or inventing entirely new constructs within their consciousness’. I hear voices too, but they are real: they come from the outside. No clouds, just lots of sunshine. This might be the wrong moment to hear this? It works well, except that its not chaotic at all. Its a beautiful piece of drone music. Nothing new under the pitch black sky, done however with great care. (FdW)

There’s still copies available from the above link.