Go Shopping

I recently came to the realisation that I’m getting a little tired of the destitute life of the international drone superstar and that I’m unlikely to reach my short term goals of helicopters and swimming pools so decided to set up a little roadside stall to push some of my less available works from the archive along with some shiny brand new and previously unreleased works and give you good people the opportunity to support a struggling artist.

The current jewel in the selection is a recording of my latest 46 minute longform work, Groundshift (free stream below) recorded live at Colony in London earlier in the year. You can pick it up for a meagre £4 and it comes with a bonus video download of Jupiter.

[bandcamp album=511759303 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=d71421 size=venti]

There are a bunch of other full albums available from as little as £2 here, go on, treat yourself, you’re totally worth it.