Resonantes (nach Radigue)

A new piece in tribute to the mighty Eliane Radigue.

Patch Notes: Mutable InstrumentsĀ Rings in western chords mode, being excited by some filtered noise (with the cutoff frequency being modulated), it was also fed into Clouds and frozen. There are some light modulations passing around from Batumi and that’s about it. I’ve no idea where all the weird background reedĀ sounding business came from (or maybe I’m hallucinating that after having had this patch playing for about 4 hours before bothering to record it).


A quick and dirty BOCesque jam with the eurorack, beatstep pro, el cap and bluesky pedals and a mixer.

7 note seq from Rings on the BSP
STO Bassline on the BSP
A Trigger seq on the BSP is playing back a sequence from the Microbrute.

Bass Peaks
Snare Peaks
Hi Hat QR2 to uvcf to vac1
Tides doing a noisy beep
Stuttery pitch modulated Phonogene sample ‘scratch’

Xaoc Batumi and SSF QR2 providing modulations and noise.

mixer with Strymon El Capistan and BlueSky pedals on the sends.

Audio recorded to zoom h4, video on old iphone 4, light from a cheapo ripple projector.