Yes yes, I know, I always end up starting these about how bad I am about updating things. I figure anyone that’s super into my work probably looks at my twitter or the modular synthesizer bore forums where I tend to post/complain about things.

Anyway, recently, the ever ace Moving Furniture got round to releasing Trubhand – 2x 23 minute long fairly minimalist modular synth workouts that I carved out last February when we were still living in Bad Zwischenahn, DE. It is available as a CD (DL code included) in a nicely unusual A5 sleeve so that it sits awkwardly with most of your other CDs.

Here is some waffle that I wrote about it:

Trübhand was summoned in February of 2016. My wife and I were living in north Germany in exile at the time as a result of untenable UK visa policy. As someone who always has a strong reliance on landscape in my work, the absolute flatness of the area was further adding to my homesickness and feelings of isolation. At night, in the alien darkness, I would close my eyes and rend the landscape. I would summon great mountains, pulling up grassy slopes that gave way to jagged cliffs, dragging down the clouds to create negative space.

Trübhand, (loosely translating as Cloudy or Turbid hand) has multiple facets:
– The left hand and the right hand, two separate aspects of the same whole, discrete manifestations of the body into the physical or magickal realm.
– The popular idiom, ‘the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing’, a process of improvisation, sculptural patching and allowing time to factor in large. Long, slow modulations unfolding in space, resonant structures rising and falling, trying to find definition within the apparent flatness.
– The feelings of occluded emotion, dullness and slowness of mind that can result in periods of depression.

Trübhand was recorded in Bad Zwischenahn, DE, in early 2016 using a small case of eurorack modules, a mixer and a couple of guitar pedals as two separate live performances to a zoom H4 recorder.

Here is a nice wee bit of writing about it courtesy of the Swirls of Noise site.

In other news, things rattle onwards, ever onwards. More new lengthy modular meditations have been captured for dissemination via my bandcamp I’m mostly posting things as free/pay what you like/can these days as the endless jossle and competition of the music playing field is just exhausting and depressing. I’d much rather just give people music that can hopefully heal or help them cope with the mess of living at the moment and live in hope that those who can, will feel compelled to stick their hand in their pocket and chuck a few bucks in the tin.