Broken Choir

So, here’s a piece i recorded the other night . It’s essentially a live meditation for choral music, modular synthesizer and delay loop.

I used a mixer and VCAs being fed with random bipolar voltages to send several seeds into a delay loop, each of which was capable of being filtered. A Boss DD20 delay was patched into the system via an ALM s.b.g module and then on its return lovingly embraced by the powerhouse that is my Makenoise Erbeverb.

 I was definitely channeling Basinski on this one I think.

The video is yet another one in my ongoing  ‘I have recorded SO much footage of water’ series.

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Another attempt to stem the flow of spammy traffic and wordpress hacks leads to another white knuckle, oh shit I’ve lost a bunch of stuff again couple of days.


Managed to drag most things back (but for some reason not the last 6 months worth of posts //shrug).


Now back to try to fix the problems that started all of this nonsense again.


The joys….