January 2010 – Performance/Screening of ‘Sleepwalking into the Underworld’ at the Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh.

August 2010 – Screening of selected works at -SCAPE at the Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick

 August 2010 – Performance of The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep at the N_ilk festival in the Botanic Gardens, Dundee

February 2011 – Performance of ‘Inverted Memory’ as part of the EMAF Screening Tour at DCA, Dundee.

March 2011 – ‘Re(Collections) Part II’, an interactive soundwork sourced from redundant museum artifacts as part of Collections Part II, Cooper Gallery, Dundee.

May 2011 – The Breath between Marks – the construction and performance of a graphical score from elements taken from the Centre for Artists Books, DCA, Dundee.

June 2011 – ‘Distress Transmission’ – a conceptual audio installation at Leith Festival Art Expo, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh.

July 2011 – The Ghost Other – Audio design, live treatment and performance accompanying Joss Allen and Joanna Foster’s piece ‘A Slip Of The Other’s Tongue’. Performed as part of the D-Air Festival in Dundee,

July 2011 – Construction and performance of themed post atomic retro-futurist musical interventions for the London screening of Atom Town, a film by Gair Dunlop at Arts Catalyst, London.

September 2011 – ‘Climbing The Peacock’s Tail’ – An entheogenic audio sculpture selected for the Uncanny Sound group show at Tactic, Cork.

October 2011 – Performative Lecture – Interventions on the theme of Atom Town with Gair Dunlop at the Shared Imagination Symposium, DCA, Dundee.

December 2011 – Radio Arts Space, radioCona, Slovenia – ‘The Persistence of Decay’ selected to be played in ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana, FM broadcast, internet streaming and as part of the Pixxelpoint festival between the 7th – 15th of December.

January 2012 – Premiere performance of Marconi’s Shipwreck at The Outer Church, Brighton.

February – ‘The Persistence of Decay’ – Nachtradiofestival Radio Arts Space, Potsdam, Berlin.

April 2012 – The Persistence of Decay – Transmittal Exhibition, Greene County Council for the Arts Gallery, New York.

May 2012 – ‘Crossing Point’ – Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show, Dundee, Scotland.

June 2012 – ‘The Stone Speaks To The Tree About Time’ – Air/Ear Radio & Naturaleza, Instalacion Radial 2012, Argentina.

August 2012 – Three works selected for broadcast on NowhereIsland Radio including ‘Barge Adrift’ which appears on the CD produced to coincide with the arrival of Nowhere Island in Plymouth.

September 2012 – ‘Frequency = Distance/Time’, a response piece to Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen’s Rendezvous composed and performed for ((echo)) at DCA, Dundee.

April 2013 – Organisation, curation and execution of ‘Invocations’ exhibition through open call featuring over 30 artists at Roseangle Arts Cafe, Dundee.

March 2013 – Groundshift – Colony, The Waiting Room, London

July 2013 – Causality, Unbuilding – Supporting Lucky Dragons at DCA, Dundee

August 2013 – ‘Inside Stone’ installation as the culmination of MFA at DJCAD, Dundee

October 2013 – ‘Intrinsic Causality Field Generator’, interactive sculptural work, Cupar Arts Festival, Cupar

October 2013 – ‘Haiku For The Law’, concrete poem published in Whaleback City, Dundee University press, ISBN: 9781845861445

October 2013 – as part of BrokenThree, The Outer Church, Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow and The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

April 2014 – ‘Nostalghia’, temporary installation and presentation for ((echo)) at DCA, Dundee

June 2014 – ‘Tropospheric Radio’ series of 6, hour long broadcast artworks for Basic Fm.

August 2014 – ‘The Somnambulist’s Field Guide’ – ritual performance, Generator Project, Dundee

September 2014 – ‘An Unbroken Circle’ (with R. Law) – 8 Hour long, continuous durational improvised performance with participatory elements – Sanctuary/The Dark Outside, Galloway Forrest Park

November 2014 – Supporting Phosphene (John Cavanagh) at DCA, Dundee

March 2015 – The Fullness of Waves – A ritual performance for modular synthesizer and recorded voice in for ((echo)) at DCA, Dundee.

April 2015 – Multiple works included in ‘Radiophrenia’ programme, CCA, Glasgow (as D.Fyans, Erstlaub and National Tropospherics Commission)

September 2015 – Broken Light – 12 hour long performance/installation works , Sanctuary, Galloway Forrest Park

There is a big gap here because we needed to go and live in Germany for a while where I taught myself AE and made a bunch of releases using my modular.

September 2016 – ‘The Somnambulist’s Field Guide‘ expanded ritual performance installation, CCA, Glasgow as part of Cryptic’s ‘Altered Spaces’

September 2016 – 2015 – ‘A Rising Sea Swallows The Temple‘ and ‘Die Ammerland Suite’ broadcast as part of ‘Radiophrenia’ programme, CCA, Glasgow

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