Lend Me Your Ears

Julien over at Lend Me You Ears did a little profile/interview of me this week and featured some downloads and the like.

“Ethereal/rumbling, soothing/menacing,¬¨‚Ćmysterious/lucid – Erstlaub‘s intense, affecting drones are rich enough (&, yes, long enough) to make room for these kinds of oppositions, though they tend to a dark, windswept beauty. They also draw, as the man explains in a thoughtful, rewarding interview below, from a deeply Scottish well (bagpipes included, though not directly…).

One of the glories of the fine Highpoint Lowlife label, Erstlaub is preparing new albums both for Moving Furniture & HPLL (the latter together with a cast of thousands, including the previously LMYE-featured TVO & Production Unit).

Besides these & other future plans, the discussion takes in musical tradition, first steps & methods, the nature & fit of drone, & his notable commitment to performance. He also touches on collaborations, remixes & other listening (Steve Reich, Basic Channel, Kranky – an LMYE hall of fame).

Sincere thanks to Dave for taking the time & participating so insightfully.”

The rest is here



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