A quick and dirty BOCesque jam with the eurorack, beatstep pro, el cap and bluesky pedals and a mixer.

7 note seq from Rings on the BSP
STO Bassline on the BSP
A Trigger seq on the BSP is playing back a sequence from the Microbrute.

Bass Peaks
Snare Peaks
Hi Hat QR2 to uvcf to vac1
Tides doing a noisy beep
Stuttery pitch modulated Phonogene sample ‘scratch’

Xaoc Batumi and SSF QR2 providing modulations and noise.

mixer with Strymon El Capistan and BlueSky pedals on the sends.

Audio recorded to zoom h4, video on old iphone 4, light from a cheapo ripple projector.



First recording/video with all my modules in the same place and organised in a workable way since coming back to Scotland.

Lighting courtesy of my wonderful ultra cheap ripple projector.

My D90 can only record 5 minutes at a time so I had to cheat and cut some ‘B-roll’ into the last minute..

Patch Notes:

I’m using Pam’s Workout (with lots of skipping steps) as a sequencer itself, for running Brains/PP, switching between the 3 rows of tuned voltages via a Doepfer A151 and also triggering the Doepfer 149-2 which changes the direction that Brains/PP is running in. This is running through a Disting to quantize Rings.

Clouds and Braids are running into channels of the Optomix and being opened and closed by the 2 ARs of Maths, being triggered from Pams. Peaks being triggered by a skippy Pams supplies the bassdrum.

A second PP is being used to play an STO going into the Doepfer A124 filter, pressure out opens the filter frequency a little more, A slewed gate opens a VCA and lets the signal pass and I’m also using an LS1 and A118 noise generator into either side of the ModDemix and into the linear FM of STO to allow me to dial in amounts of noise modulation. This is then going through Erbeverb and Echophon.

Batumi is sending a few clocked modulations around and the whole thing is mixed through a behringer mixer with TC Hall of Fame and Flashback pedals in the send/return loop. Stereo mix recorded straight into reaper via Saffire Pro.