A Drift (adrift)

<2010>Sleepwalking Into The Underworld, The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep, Highpoint Lowlife, Broken20, n_ilk, more artschool business, moving house, Dundee, Peter Christopherson (rip), Morrison, Moore, Sinclair, Keiller, Petit, Bill Drummond, Invisible Cities, Ballard, Batman & Robin, Lend Me Your Ears, Mapsadaisiacal, Que Belle Epoque, Always Everything, Alastair Cook, Ruaridh, Dave, Thorsten Sideb0ard, Sietse, Clark, Aitken, Gordon, Louise, Mandelbrot, The Feral Orchestra, Paris Texas, Skeletons, Down Terrace, Another Year, The White Ribbon Ivor Cutler, Philip Jeck, Mark Vernon, Improvising, The Elements, writing, questioning things, circular activities, banjo, apophenia, mysticism, subconscious interventions</2010>

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