To coincide with the release of The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep, I decided to put together a little companion mix traveling through the psychic landscape of some of my favourite corners of cinema. Obviously you can take the list of films and directors as a recommendations list also.

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Erstlaub – BrokenCinema

When he’s not forging mystical drone behemoths out of the void as Erstlaub, Dave Fyans is also the Art Director here at Broken20 and something of a cinema obsessive. He’s put together a mix in the form of BrokenCinema, an 80 minute collection of soundtrack music based around films, directors and musicians that have particular resonance within the context of the basis for the label, summed up perfectly by his favourite director Andrei Tarkovsky in the following quote.

“The Japanese therefore see a particular charm in the evidence of old age. They are attracted to the darkened tone of an old tree, the ruggedness of a stone, or even the scruffy look of a picture whose edges have been handled by a great many people. To all these signs of age they give the name, saba, which literally means “rust”. Saba, then, is a natural rustiness, the charm of olden days, the stamp of time. Saba, as an element of beauty, embodies the link between art and nature.”

(Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting In Time).

Track – Artist (Film – Director)

1. Valuska – Mihaly Vig (The Werckmeister Harmonies – Bela Tarr)
2. Paris, Texas – Ry Cooder (Paris, Texas – Wim Wenders)
3. Guitar Solo 1 – Neil Young (Dead Man – Jim Jarmusch)
4. Once Upon A Time In The West – Ennio Morricone (Once Upon A Time In The West – Sergio Leone)
5. Camille – Georges Delerue (Le Mepris – Jean-Luc Goddard)
6. Fratres – Arvo Part (There Will Be Blood – PT Anderson)
7. Die Nacht Der Himmel – Popol Vuh (Nosferatu – Werner Herzog)
8. ANS 01 – Coil (Enter The Void – Casper Noe)
9. In The Summer – Terry Riley (Lifespan – Sandy Whitelaw)
10. La Valse De Marienbad – Francis Seyrig (Last Year At Mariendbad – Alain Resnais)
11. Bach 1 – Eduard Artemiev (Solyaris – Andrei Tarkovsky)
12. Into The Night – Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks S01E05 – Lynch/Frost/dir. Lesli Linka Glatter)
13. Willow’s Song – Paul Giovanni (The Wickerman – Robin Hardy)
14. Ghost Of Love – David Lynch (Inland Empire – David Lynch)
15. Clockwork Orange Theme – Wendy Carlos (Clockwork Orange – Stanley Kubrik)
16. Op – Gil Melle (The Andromeda Strain – Robert Wise)
17. Air – Delia Derbyshire (Enter The Void – Gasper Noe)
18. Sycamore Trees – Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me – David Lynch)
19. I Only Have Eyes For You – The Flamingoes (Rabbit In The Moon – Kenneth Anger)
20. Over and Done – Mihaly Vig (Damnation – Bela Tarr)



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