…In Brightest Day

A bit of a belated thanks to the people that came down to see me play at n_ilk at the botanics the other week. I was having a massively stressful day so apologies if my chatter wasn’t particularly on. Still, it seemed to go down well and it was an honour to be asked to play in such fantastic surroundings. There was some mixing desk based hassle that meant we didn’t record any of it but, sometimes, the beauty is in the transience of performance and recordings merely dilute the contents.

I particularly enjoyed the 10 minutes of improvised collaborative techno noisemaking that TVO and I inflicted on the crowd. We loosely agreed a pitch and tempo beforehand and in an unusual turn of events, I ended up supplying the majority of the rythmic element (I’m still claiming that although that big clipped sine wave occured at regular intervals, it technically wasn’t a beat)

He then went on to play an absolute blinder of a set, as ever beautifully drawing the lines between noise, drones and beaty techno and then crossing them with genuine panache.

Special thanks to Ruth Aitken for photo duties while I was playing and massive kudos to Paul for making the whole event happen on a largely hitchless level. Big love as ever to Clark for splendid picnic duties and general wobble management. There’s a little bit more visual coverage of n_ilk here.

The latest entry in my ongoing “honestly, Sleepwalking Into The Underworld does exist and will be coming out soon” journal is… Well, yeah, it does exist, and it will be coming out very soon. We’re just in the process of finalising format and Th0rsten is taking up his pencils to cover artwork duties so it’s happening, soon, honestly.

“The Last Few Seconds Before Sleep” has also been put to bed (if you’ll pardon the expression) and I’ve commissioned some of my favourite producers to take up arms and retool it for a remix project that will be distributed as a companion release on broken20 towards the end of the year. I already have a few remixes in and they are sounding properly amazing.

More will follow on these at some point. In the meantime I’m taking a little sabbatical from raging internal storm that is Erstlaub and am not really planning any new things or performances in the immediate future. I’ve started my 3rd Year of Time Based Art at Artschool and have already started on a few little projects you can take a peak at here.


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