Well, it probably goes without saying, but I am extremely poor at the moment (well, essentially all the time, but particularly so just now) so have offered up a hopefully slightly sustainable way for folks to support my endeavours.

For as little as £20, you’ll get all of the things that I produce and release via Bandcamp for an entire year (which given that I tend to be fairly prolific stands to be a fair old amount of stuff to listen to).




If you don’t really like my stuff (phillistine!) or can’t afford it, fair enough but please do pass around the link.

If I get another 2 subscribers, I’ve decided that I’ll make a custom piece for each of my subscribers based in some way on a theme, piece of art, favourite piece of music suggested by them and name it in their honour so….

Any help, even grabbing a single album from Bandcamp is greatly greatly appreciated. As ever, shout if there are any queries.