Recent things

Just a little post of a couple of recent things that I’ve not put up here yet.

First up is a soundpiece I made, I guess sitting somewhere between the old days of Mille Plateux and current wanderings towards broken techno.

Nostalghia by Erstlaub

Then moving even closer to techno, I produced my first remix in years and years. It’s based on a forthcoming Broken20 release by Nanorhytmn, it’ll probably appear in the BrokenZero free remix release that we’re putting out to partner the full thing.

Nanorhythm – Amniotic Haze (Erstlaub Dub) by Erstlaub

Finally, a total departure, a little visual haiku. I’d recently been to an artist talk by Ken Cockburn about he and Alec Finlay’s The Road North project which helped me tie together a few loose ends that had been floating around in my head for a few weeks. Mirroring the profile of the Law with content relating to explorations recently undertaken.

A Haiku for the Law

Lots coming up in the next few weeks from Broken20.

Also, I just saw Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia at the DCA. Amazing! Possibly the best contemporary film I’ve seen since his Antichrist which had a similarly profound impact. Can’t recommend enough.

Cheers also to all the people at the Shared Imagination Symposium this week for some interesting talks and ideas and for at least pretending to enjoy Gair and I’s Atom Town themed ‘performance lecture’.


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