Rose Made of Time

It’s been a little while since I posted anything, been pretty busy on things for Artschool I suppose, I’m mid project on my first installation piece which I’ll be exhibiting for just one short day this coming Thursday. If it doesn’t descend into a big pile of not workingness and I can find a way to reasonably capture it, I’ll post up later on.

In the meantime, a little curiosity for you I guess. Having had a week of not great sleeping and some more generalised existential angst, I heard something that just sent me off on a bit of a dark tangent. What better way to shout down demons than conjuring up your own? With the moon shining in the window at me, I took up my trumpet, fired up the amp and pedals and pulled this dedication to Diana, goddess of the moon and the hunt, Queen of the Witches out of the dark corners.

It’s credited to D.Fyans as I’m not really sure it belongs to Erstlaub as such, titled Rose Made of Time in tribute to a line from the legendary Alan Moore’s “Moon and Serpent”.

Rose Made of Time

Recorded using my Zoom H4 on its mics pointing at the amp, there’s a bit of live sound, clipping and you can hear me working the pedals on occasion, such things are inevitable with improvised pieces like this I suppose. I’ve not even looked at my trumpet for months so the tuning drifts around all over the place, deal with it. I should probably make a little nod to Supersilent/Arve Henriksen for general influence on this one.

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