I’ve recently become quite engrossed in the idea of all the disparate information hanging in the ether of the Troposphere and have embarked on a series of improvised performances using radio receivers as source material.

This piece uses a small, battery powered 8 band shortwave radio, spirit folio notepad mixer, bugbrand microcrusher, big muff, holiest grail, re20, dd20 and RC20 pedals to layer and treat the incoming signals.

It’s an interesting departure from the usually obscenely tightly controlled modular constructs employed in my Erstlaub work, replacing purposefully built elements with pure chance.

Séance by D.Fyans

In other news, I spent an afternoon in the Artist Book archive down at the DCA on Thursday collecting source material to be used in the score for The Breath Between Marks. It’s really an amazing collection and I’m honoured to be given the opportunity to access such a rich resource of publications by so many fantastic artists. I’m in the process of breaking down material into score elements via a combination of processing and vectorising images so that I can lay them down. I’ll post up progress as is relevant.


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