Stein und Flechten

I’m always completely toot at updating this thing, truth be told I’m never really sure how much it’s ever read but so it goes….

Since the last time I posted, we’ve properly moved to Arbroath where I work and it’s just swell here in the Angus Riviera. Wife has finally got her paperwork through which has been an ongoing nightmare for us for the last three years and has seen us move to Germany, submit several trees worth of paperwork, move back from DE, submit another trees worth of papers along with our passports etc and then wait wait wait wait. The whole thing has been a dreadful and stressful affair and we’re eternally thankful to all of our friends and family who have helped us out along the way. We’re so lucky to have had a strong support network, I just can’t imagine how hard it must be for many struggling through the archaic and arcane home office system. It’s probably going to get even worse soon, good luck if you’re going to be affected by it.

Here are a couple of new pieces recorded today based around a fairly complex but endlessly enjoyable self affecting patch.

Patch Notes:

Maths Channel 4 is self cycling. The EOC is clocking Batumi, NanoRand and both sides of A149-1.

A random LFO from Batumi is attenuated in the middle channel of Maths and is fed to the both input of channel 4 meaning that each time the envelope reaches its end, a new value is fed in which changes the length of the next slope.

The 2 channels from A149 (QRV and SRV) are going to both channels of the A156 Quantizer that is sends new 1v/oct information to STO1 and 2 (STO1 is being FM’d by STO2).

The FM amount and Shape control of STO1 are being modulated via Blinds with assorted channels from Batumi/NanoRand.

STO1 is passing through Optomix being opened by the varying channel 4 of Maths and straight into a mixer with Strymon BlueSky and ElCap Pedals on the Aux bus.

Moos is using the same patch as above but with depper FM and modulations, a shorter envelope and un underlying drone from MI’s Tides.

Finally, from a few weeks ago, here’s a short piece I made looking forward to returning to Twin Peaks later this year.

Most of my recent things on Bandcamp are up for free / pay what you like but please do chuck a few coins into the tin if you appreciate the work, it does make all the difference.

As the world seems to be turning more and more to shit and racism/facism, please do try your best to be the best sort of person you can be. It’s going to be a tough one but if we look after each other it can only be a little bit lighter a load.