Weekly Detritus

A little round up of this week’s activities (the ones that haven’t included the persistent state of horrible meltdown anyway).

I’ve put together a sub-site for my some pieces of art that I’ve been working on over the last few months. You can go and have a poke around at it here. It’s technically still a work in progress but it’s operational for now etc.

This week has also seen me being suitably gloomy to undertake the writing of new material for some live shows which I’ve got in the pipeline next year. At the moment it appears to be swinging wildly between some fairly harsh textural noise and stuff that seems to be giving a little bit of a nod to the grand old days of Mille Plateaux and the like. Who knows, I’ll just have to see what sort of shape the whole thing ends up being.

Crashing Sideways In Slow Motion by Erstlaub

A Last Grain of Hope Crushed Underfoot by Erstlaub

A Closed Circuit Pretending To Be Human by Erstlaub

Other than that it’s been trumpet and pedals most of the way as I’m playing in Drouthy’s in Dundee on the 17th November and sitting with my SAD lamp on in an attempt to round off some of the jagged edges of what’s already manifesting as a difficult winter.


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