You Can Fall

It’s always with a weird reticence that I commit to these sorts of posts put when giri comes into play so strongly, it feels that anything less would be disrespectful.

It’s a massive loss to music world that Trish Keenan left us on Friday 14th January. A voice that has been right by my side since 2000 when I first heard “The Noise Made By People”, Broadcast’s first outing on Warp and stayed with me ever since: A weird and consistently beautiful album constantly straddling the line between 60’s Twee girlband chic and the type of pure radiophonic delight that I’m pretty sure Delia Derbyshire would have loved.

In honesty though, it wasn’t until some of the harder times in life that Keenan’s delivery and writing brought the vague beauty of hope into play, and for that I will be ever indebted. There are so many songs from the amazing Broadcast canon that I could quote as pieces which have transcended simple song and become maxim, but it somehow seems most fitting that I choose the song that almost always brought me close to tears, even before this dreadful, terrible loss.

“If you think nothing is yours
If I think everything belongs to me
How wrong Ill be
None of us have anything
Theres a place I have never explored
Another world we have yet to conquer
And untill then none of us have anything”

Goodbye Trish, thank you so much for the beauty and humanity you brought in such a sparse and wonderful way. I hope you are out playing in the fields with Rowan Morrison, the march hares and the rest of the witch cult.


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