Things that weren’t terrible in 2012, in no particular order:

Berberian Sound Studio (x100), Andy Stott – Luxury Problems, The Outer Church, Shifted – Crossed Paths, Bela Tarr’s Turin Horse, Dredd, The Illuminatus Trilogy, Forward Strategy Group – Labour Division, The ERC 1612 Underture, X-TG – Desertshore/Faet Narok, Glyn Dillon’s The Nao of Brown, Morrison and Burnham bringing it wholesale with Batman Inc., fires and rum out in the country, John Dies At The End, Marconi’s Shipwreck seeming to hit quite a few people’s buttons, the perpetual influence and legacy of Coil and Broadcast, Pye Corner Audio, finally watching F for Fake, Julia Holter – Ekstasis, Maria Minerva – Will Happiness Find Me?, Kevin Eldon Will See You Now, Bill Drummond’s At The Age Of 59, getting into Deleuze + Guittari’s Mille Plateaus, the Flex Mentallo trade finally existing, the Silence! podcast, getting a job at DCA, Sightseers, seeing Stalker on the big screen for the first time, general Broken20 ness and all the artists and people we’ve worked with and have bought stuff, written nice things and generally been supportive towards our activities.

I’m not entirely convinced there’s more but there probably is. Cheers to everyone that’s been supportive of music and art business this year, it’s genuinely meant a lot, here’s to 2013 being less blergh.

Oh, and I could really do with doing a ¬†few more gigs this coming year – I’m pretty cheap, will generally perform for travel, a few rums and a sofa to sleep on, my wack chat is optional. Drop me a line if you want me to come play for you, also prepared to quite enjoyably indulge in themed commissions etc.


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