Recursive Impulse

So, I was sitting at my desk in the studio this morning and had an outbreak of earworm. You know, one of those bits of music that inexplicably starts looping in your head that you can’t quite identify properly or work out why it has suddenly bubbled up to the surface. After a bit of poking, it clarified itself as being a tiny, very specifically edited snippet of Bowie’s Let’s Dance, that particular edit existing as part of the soundtrack to Plymouth Rock, one of the pieces in Trisha Baga’s current Holiday exhibition at DCA, clearly having sneaked its way into my brain during one of my shifts invigilating in the gallery.

Given that there is another ((echo)) event coming up next week, I thought it might be interesting to respond to the enjoyably measured chaos of the show with an improvised soundwork using the jumpcut  existing soundtrack as an unpredictable input source for a pedals based drone/noise performance.

You can read the proposal below, ((echo)) takes place on Thursday 24th January in the DCA gallery and is free to attend. I hope to see you there.


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