Patch Notes:

A fairly static Clouds drone from a little bit of Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Percussion from Rings being fed noise from QR2, via Blinds being clocked from Pam’s and o a second channel the clock being faded in and out by a sine wave from the Batumi.

STO 1 through Optomix being opened by a clocked Maths channel being fed voltages from a random Batumi channel (offset and attenuated by Blinds) through A156. This is being attenuated by an ATATAT making it easy to gradually add from 1 note to several.

STO 2 playing quantized notes from Pressure Points three tuned voltage rows being switched by a clocked A151-2 to create arps. The pressure out is fed into an A171-2 VC Slew which opens the optomix channel gently on a PP channel press. STO 2’s output (shaped) is being fed through Warps (Parasite Chebyschev Shaper) and manually shaped.

Mixed through a Behringer 1802 with Strymon BlueSky and El Cap on the aux busses, recorded straight into Reaper as a stereo mix via Focusrite Saffire Pro.