The Somnambulist’s Field Guide DVD and live performance

And lo, a mere two years after it started to manifest into our realm of reality, The Somnambulist’s Field Guide finally goes full breach.

The full, just over an hour, audiovisual work has been released by Broken20. It comes in DVD format with audio download, handmade print, ritual herbs and a printed text.

Available directly here.

I’m also incredibly proud to be presenting the piece in a new configuration as a live performance/ritual as part of Cryptic Nights at the CCA on the 1st and 2nd of September 2016.

And here are some shots of all the dull behind the scenes bits that no one really cares about.

First run through since last October.

I always forget the joys of authoring and testing DVDs

Printing jig in an attempt to keep things central and as regular as possible.

Cutting and bagging the ritual herbs inserts, doesn’t look dodgy at all…..

As ever if you can, please do support the release and come along to the performances, it’s always a hard fight to get these things out of my head and into some ┬ásort of corporeal form and the more widely they dissipate, the better the magick works. Do let me know if you’d like a promo copy to write some words somewhere and I’m always up for talking about my work/practice and discussing performances/commissions and so on so just drop me a line.

O Chaire Selene.