Just a little influx update really.

I’ve just relocated Erstlaub HQ to a lovely new flat in Dundee which I’m sharing with wonderful fellow TBA student Rebecca Clark. If you’d like to send me any nice things by way of a housewarming present then hit me up via the usual channels and I’ll give you our address.

I’ve finally dragged my lazy arse back into some sort of productive position and have made the DVD menu for Sleepwalking Into The Underworld and posted off the master copy to Highpoint Lowlife. I know I’ve been banging on about this for what feels like an eternity but I promise there will be release news soon.

On HPLL, at the risk of coming over all weepy, in light of Th0rsten’s not terribly recent announcement to wind down operations, I just want to thank everyone who’s been involved and supported the label over the years. It’s an amazing thing as an artist to be involved with a label who have given us the belief, support and room to grow without any hassle whatsoever. I’m genuinely proud of the releases we’ve done together and hope that Sleepwalking proves a fitting requiem to our time working together. It’s pretty corny but over the years, Th0r and Mat and all the other artists have become like family to me. I wish everyone that’s been involved all the best on new endeavours and look forward to sharing them here. //weep

So, phoenixlike, we move onto new things with Broken20. I’ve started preliminary builds of some new pieces, I don’t quite have my concept nailed down yet but am pretty confident that its nature will reveal itself in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for developments and maybe some cheeky exclusive sketches as they develop. There’s some amazing artists on the roster and some fantastic releases in the pipeline so watch these spaces.

I’m without proper, regular internet for another month until Rupert Murdoch’s evil henchmen come and connect my internet so communications may be sparing for a little while (although not sure if it’ll be any more noticeable than usual).



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